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Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?  Well, YOU are of course!  Thank you for visiting this site and letting us take this opportunity to tell you about this wildly popular, extremely innovative selfie mirror that is all the rage at every event!  Most people are tired of the same old photo booths but this open 5 ft tall mirror is completely interactive and takes photo booths to a whole new level! You start by choosing high quality props from the prop table and approach the Magic Mirror. The mirror can be customized with a beautiful animated start screen with your names/dates/event to make it even more special! Once you touch the mirror, it will immediately start many different animations and communicate with you by asking you to "strike a pose" or "make a funny face" or " play a game". Then, your picture is taken by a hidden professional DSLR camera. By this time, the laughter has started and soon will be followed by hoots and hollers!  Next, you will be able to review your picture and personalize it by signing and stamping the mirror. Now, there's an optional feature that allows you to text or email your photos to yourself so you can share your fun experience with your family and friends on all your favorite social media sites. Lastly, your fabulous picture is printed very quickly using a state of the art sub dye printer. Only 7 seconds and you have a beautiful 4 x 6 print  that is customized with your names and dates which will be a keepsake and wonderful reminder of all the fun!

About Us

Magic Mirror Michigan

Welcome! I am Kristi Kaye, owner of Magic Mirror Michigan. Although we are based in Midland, MI we are wonderfully central and can serve a large portion of  Michigan!

We pride ourselves on making your day happy and stress-free!  We will consult with you and together decide on the needs on your event and we can help you to put together a package that you will be thrilled with! Whether it is a custom animation front screen with the bride and groom's picture on it or a customized step and repeat backdrop for your corporate events, we can do it!  If you have a totally different idea, let's discuss it and see if we can make it happen! 

Our attendants are professional, fun and enthusiatic!  One or two of us, depending on the size of the event, will be there to help make sure your guests are having a great time with the Magic Mirror! If you have chosen to have a special memory book (they are GREAT!) then an attendant will be printing an extra copy of each photo and putting it into a photo book throughout the night. Part of the fun is having your guests write you a special message next to their photo!  What a treat to see the next day! It is truly a keepsake to be treasured! 

The Magic Mirror is the original Fotomaster Mirror Me, not a knockoff mirror. This has all the latest and greatest technology and the one that has won awards all over the world! We only do quality at Magic Mirror Michigan. We use DSLR cameras, DNP sub dye printers and the most beautiful sought after premium backdrops in the industry. We do not cut corners!  We have a wide variety of props that are fun and beautifully displayed. All this equals great fun, sought after entertainment and wonderfully clear prints!   So, just like cars there are all types of photo booth businesses.  We are  the Lexus of cars and will not disappoint! Your guests will be talking about the Magic Mirror long after the event has ended! Call us now and find out more about  how we can make your event EXTRA special!